“Genelec Aural ID is a significant first step towards the use of headphones for actual reference audio monitoring and listening. It’s a big step for Genelec and a giant leap for the professional audio community.”

Siamäk Naghian / Genelec Managing Director

Audio engineers know that Genelec monitor loudspeakers established the sonic reference for professional audio monitoring. They also know that Genelec GLM calibration software revolutionised the way that studio monitors could be optimised for any acoustic space. Today, Genelec is determined to help bring standards of sonic truthfulness to headphone reproduction.

Genelec Aural ID is a software technology advancement that will dramatically improve the delivery of more accurate, reliable sound, and enable an audio engine to precisely render stereo or immersive content via headphones. For everyone from audio professionals to end users, the possibilities will be virtually limitless.

The importance of gathering trustworthy HRTF data.

Aural ID works by computer modelling the full acoustic field incorporating fully the effects of the head, external ear and your shoulder area – this results in truthful and complete personal information of the anatomical features affecting how we hear. With Genelec Aural ID, everyone’s personal acoustic features can be compensated for, thus enabling the delivery of more authentic, reliable sound.

Your HRTF. Your ears’ fingerprints.

HRTF (Head-Related Transfer Function), also known as the anatomical transfer function, is a response characterised by your ears’ ability to receive a sound from a point in space. Everyone has their own HRTF, meaning it’s as unique as your fingerprints

Your aural ID. Your sound.

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